ADDED 03/10/2018

Name it. Face it.

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We can’t name it. We can’t organize against it. We retreat to the false safety of personal utopias.

This thing we feel we hate about Trump is the same thing millions around the world feel they hate about their own local political malefactors. No one has any idea how to fight back because no one can agree what constitutes the threat. Politics is impotent. Online petitions are impotent. Massive street protests are impotent. All this impotence is the nameless monster’s goal.

The monster can be named. Some smart folks are working on this problem. Let’s take a look at three recent efforts to find names for the threat and its fallout.

  1. Adam Curtis his latest film “Hypernormalization” on Chapo Trap House .

  2. Guy Standing names the social fallout the monster has created.

  3. Timothy Snyder names the monster’s political ideology.

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