ADDED 01/12/2018

Challenging Trump’s Language of Fascism

FROM 01/09/2018 | Truthout

BY Henry A. Giroux

What are the longer-term trends that gave rise to the presidency of Donald Trump? What will be the national and global impacts? And what do we need to do to resist? Henry A. Giroux tackles these questions in The Public in Peril: Trump and the Menace of American Authoritarianism. “This courageous and timely book is the first […]

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ADDED 01/12/2018

How to break up Europe’s axis of illiberalism

FROM 01/08/18 | Chicago Tribune

BY Slawomir Sierakowski

Western observers tend to conflate Europe’s two leading proponents of right-wing populism: Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, and the chairman of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Kaczynski has long promised the advent of “Budapest in Warsaw,” an allusion to Orban’s model of “illiberal democracy” that the Hungarian leader unapologetically touted in a […]

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ADDED 01/11/2018

The Future of Work, a History

FROM 01/05/2018 | Politico Magazine


On February 26, 1928, a headline in the New York Times announced, “MARCH OF THE MACHINE MAKES IDLE HANDS,” with the subhead:“Prevalence of Unemployment With Greatly Increased Industrial Output Points to the Influence of Labor-Saving Devices as an Underlying Cause.” What these alarming words referred to was the abundance of goods being produced in the roaring plants, mills and farm […]

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ADDED 01/10/2018

Federal workers upholding their oath

FROM  | The Register Guard

BY Jason Lewis-Berry

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, I joined many public servants in private conversations about how to approach federal service in the age of Donald Trump. Most of us had been through presidential transitions before and had proudly served under Republican and Democratic administrations. But everyone knew this time was different. They had watched […]

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ADDED 01/10/2018

Beware the illiberal alliance of Poland and Hungary, a grave threat to the EU

FROM 01/06/2018 | The Guardian

BY Will Hutton

Both governments prefer ‘conservative nationalist’ states to democracy. Brussels should take a standd Hungary has fortified its border with Serbia to stop migrants entering. Photograph: Zoltán Gergely Kelemen/AP It’s ugly and on the rise; and it’s hard to see how it can end well. The global rise of conservative nationalism with the aim of creating […]

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ADDED 01/09/2018

The war on reason

FROM 01/07/2018 | Philippine Daily Inquirer

BY Randy David

“The fist is the synthesis of our theory.” That statement, made sometime in 1920, belongs to a militant follower of Il Duce, Benito Mussolini, the leader of Italian fascism.  But, it could have been uttered just as proudly by an ardent DDS (Diehard Duterte Supporter) while executing the fist salute made famous by President Du30. […]

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ADDED 01/09/2018

Beware creeping U.S. authoritarianism, Yale’s Timothy Snyder warns

FROM 01/07/2018 | The National

BY Susan Ormiston

Donald Trump has been labelled many things since becoming U.S. President — a nationalist, a patriot, but also an authoritarian and a tyrant. Yale University history expert Timothy Snyder believes Trump is undermining American democracy and its institutions. Snyder pulls examples from the rise of fascism and communism in Eastern Europe to warn that democracy […]

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ADDED 01/09/2018

On the Self-Destructive Left

FROM 01/08/2018 | Spiked

BY Andrew Doyle

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? I’ve never understood why the age-old causality dilemma should be expressed in these terms. As far as I’m concerned, chickens are blundering, ignoble creatures who have no place in the realm of philosophical discourse. So let’s put it another way. Which came first: the alt-right or the […]

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ADDED 01/08/2018

Weaker sections under threat from fascist forces: SMP

FROM 01/06/2018 | Daily Excelsior

BY Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 5: National secretary general, Social Movement Party (SMP), Advocate Ashok Kumar Basotra today alleged that the SCs, STs, OBCs & minority communities are being attacked by the fascist forces in whole country and terror is being created by the so called upper castes in the minds of these people so that they shouldn’t […]

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