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Thousands of anti-fascists gathered at Igman Mountain, celebrating 77th Anniversary of the Igman Marsh

FROM 01/26/2019 | Srajevo Times

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Thousands of anti-fascists gathered today at Igman Mountain, where they celebrated the 77th anniversary of the Igman Marsh and evoked memories of one of the most significant events of 1942 during the People’s Liberation War in World War II.

The president of SABNOR BiH, Bakir Nakas, told reporters that 20,000 people every year show that there is still a sense of this event and that the values that were created after 1945 are respected.

Nakas emphasized that the values of the anti-fascist struggle were embedded in the foundations of BiH, and that they should always be in force, not in history.

He also pointed out that such events show the unity of BiH, people who “ignore whether a Serb, Croat or Bosniak is recognized, but only recognizes the person who cares about BiH, its borders and its beauty”.

Sarajevo Canton Minister for Issues of War Ismir Jusko believes that such events gather a large number of people from the region and the whole world.

“This is the promotion of a city, a state, a good organization and an important day that should be remembered by all of us,” said Jusko.

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