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Russell Brand, Henry Giroux and Brad Evans on Fighting Fascism

FROM 03/03/2019 | Truthdig

BY Russell Brand

In this interview between actor, activist and comedian Russell Brand and Henry Giroux and Brad Evans, there is a wide-ranging and robust discussion about the meaning and the rise of fascism in the United States, the necessity of the left to address it, what it takes to move from a demonstration to a movement, whether there is any room for spirituality in the discourse of resistance and what might be termed the failure of the left around the importance of education as a central feature of politics. Also discussed are the changing registers of violence, populism, the importance of popular culture as a site of resistance, and how the war on the imagination might be countered with a new understanding of a militant and educated notion of hope. While these are some of the central themes addressed in the dialogue, this spirited discussion touches upon a number of other issues, all the while attempting to rethink both the diverse forces at work in the current assault on democracy and the necessity for new forms of critique coupled with a language of possibility.

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