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Man Picks Fight With Protest Sign and Loses

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BY Andy Cush

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Yesterday was May Day, which meant that groups of left-leaning demonstrators took to the streets across the world in support of workers’ rights. In Seattle, according to local media, the May Day march attracted hundreds of people, including a faction of “Proud Boys,” the far-right men’s group that Gavin McInnes founded after he was triggered by a song from a children’s movie. Despite the conflicting interests and a heavy riot police presence, the demonstrations were reportedly peaceful, and only one person was arrested, for throwing a rock at an Amazon building.

The most brutal occurrence of the day, then, was probably the merciless heckling directed at one counter-protester in a “Patriot Prayer” t-shirt and fingerless gloves who tried to tear up a rainbow-colored sign that read “In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America.”

The sign was evidently stronger than it looked, and the guy had a hell of a time trying to break it. (It’s like it was a bundle of sticks, or something.) Watching his repeated failure in a video captured at the scene is somewhat cathartic, but the real joy comes from a woman who stands off camera and shouts mock encouragement at him: “Do it for the boys! They’re not proud of you right now!”

The man has since disputed that he is a Proud Boy on social media, for whatever that’s worth. Either way, his side is still winning the real fight, and those of us who oppose the big proud boy in the White House still have to settle for watching videos like this for some momentary sensation approaching the satisfaction of victory. It’s sad, but we’ll take our kicks where we can get them. Watch it below, and feel good for about a minute and a half.

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