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ADDED 08/17/2018

‘An Eternal Night of Persecution and Death’: Activists Speak Out About Nicaragua’s Crackdown

FROM 08/17/2018 | The Nation

BY Maia Hibbett

From late April through early July, thousands of Nicaraguans marched in the streets, barricaded roadways, and occupied universities. All the while, they chanted their movement’s ubiquitous slogan: “Ortega y Somoza son la misma cosa.” In English, and without the clever rhyme, it means: “Ortega and Somoza are the same thing.” It draws a parallel between […]

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ADDED 06/21/2018

The Catholic Church in Nicaragua suspends peace talks as the political crisis deepens

FROM 06/21/2018 | America Magazine

BY Jan-Albert Hootsen

In the second month of Nicaragua’s bloody political crisis, masked anti-government protesters have set up more road blocks and barricadesacross the country. Police and paramilitary groups allegedly linked to the government continue to attack perceived enemies of the regime. And on Monday, Catholic leaders in Nicaragua announced that they were again suspending talks with the government. After the failure […]

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