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Manchester: Yellow Vest protesters face off with anti fascism and anti racism protesters

FROM 02/10/2019 | Manchester Evening News

BY Helen Johnson

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James Goddard(Image: M.E.N.)1 of 12
A Stand up to Racism supporter sticks two fingers up to a Yellow Vest protest in Piccadilly Gardens(Image: Joel Goodman)2 of 12
Anti-fascists block a Yellow Vest protest on Market Street(Image: Joel Goodman)3 of 12
A man flashes a TRUMP 2020 shirt at anti-fascists during a ‘Yellow Vest’ protest in Manchester City Centre(Image: Joel Goodman)4 of 12
A Yellow Vest protest in Manchester city centre(Image: Joel Goodman)5 of 12
James Goddard at a Yellow Vest demonstration in Manchester on Saturday(Image: Joel Goodman)6 of 12
James Goddard faces off with a protester(Image: Joel Goodman)7 of 12
Anti-fascists in Piccadilly Gardens(Image: Joel Goodman)8 of 12
A Yellow Vest protester(Image: Joel Goodman)9 of 12
Police hold back anti- fascists protesting a Yellow Vest demonstration(Image: Joel Goodman)10 of 12
The Yellow Vest protest(Image: Joel Goodman)11 of 12
Anti-fascists on Market Street(Image: Joel Goodman)
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