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ADDED 11/14/2017

Russian Money in Silicon Valley

FROM 11/09/2017 | The Atlantic


A new trove of leaked documents, the so-called Paradise Papers, have revealedthat Yuri Milner, a Russian businessman with extensive investments in Silicon Valley, used funds from two Kremlin-controlled—and now U.S.-sanctioned—banks to make large investments in Facebook and Twitter. Both stakes have been sold off, but Milner’s path to Silicon Valley, where he continues be a power […]

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ADDED 11/13/2017

Instead of tax cuts for the rich, we could literally fund anything else

FROM 11/09/2017 | The Hill


Some of the supporters of this $1.5-trillion debt-financed tax bill are the very same members of Congress who insisted that a relief package for Hurricane Sandy — costing roughly 4 percent of what their current tax bill costs — be fully “offset” by spending cuts elsewhere in the budget. Similarly, many, including Congressman Ryan himself, objected to the […]

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ADDED 11/11/2017

Sorry, But American Democracy Is Still Edging Closer to Disaster

FROM 11/08/2017 | Esquire


BY CHARLES P. PIERCE NOV 8, 2017 Are you ready to have your mellow harshed just a little? On Tuesday, when nobody was looking, the state of Wisconsin brought the country a step closer to a constitutional bloodbath unseen since 1789. The Wisconsin state senate voted, 19-14, to join the call for an Article V […]

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